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Advance-Africa.com Scholarship Listing

9 March 2011 236 views One Comment

From Student Scholarship Search Latest Scholarships Feed

Advance-Africa.com offers a page of different scholarships available to African students studying both in Africa and internationally. Consult the individual listings for eligibility requirements.

Read the whole article originally published in: Student Scholarship Search Latest Scholarships Feed.

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One Response to “Advance-Africa.com Scholarship Listing”

  1. oteka erick says on December 27, 2012 at 2:13 pm:

    I am oteka erick a student from from south sudan.I just want to know why African students in Africa especially from south sudan and some part of Africa are often less considered for abroad scholarships by asking them to provide zip code,post code,GPA when we, in some part of Africa don’t have those system?.
    Please we need to be consider as equal as others for the chance to study through equal scholarships distribution to south sudanese students.

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