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November Newsletter: Give Thanks for Scholarships

19 November 2012 807 views No Comment

Thanksgiving CornucopiaNovember is National Scholarship Month, so this month’s Financial Aid News brings you resources to help find scholarships that are right for you. Plus, you’ll get valuable tips and advice for filing your FAFSA form, information about financial aid for veterans, and more. Here’s just some of what’s included:

What Would a $10,000 Scholarship Mean to You?

The last $10,000 scholarship drawing of 2012 is now less than a month away. This drawing is your last chance to win a $10,000 scholarship from ScholarshipPoints in 2012. What would winning this $10,000 scholarship mean to you? Would you be able to transfer to your dream school? Would you be a lot less stressed about making those loan payments? Would it mean not having to work that third job just to afford school? Whatever it is, get over to ScholarshipPoints now to give yourself as many chances as possible to be the next $10,000 scholarship winner.

November is National Scholarship Month!

You probably didn’t know there was an entire month dedicated to scholarships! Want to know what we’re doing to celebrate? This month we’ll be sharing lots of scholarship tips, calling attention to some of the great scholarships out there, and hearing from some of our past scholarship winners about how their scholarships helped them. Read more on our blog.

Also, In the spirit of National Scholarship Month, why not take the time to search for some? Check out the Scholarship Matcher at StudentScholarshipSearch.com. By answering 5 easy questions you will instantly be matched to scholarships that fit you! Try the Scholarship Matcher.

Get Help Repaying Your Loans

If you graduated in May, then repayment is upon you! Make sure you have a plan in place to either make, lower, or postpone your student loan payments. Consolidating your loans can be a good start, helping you lower your payments and even your interest rate in some cases. Check out your options.

If you graduated before May, you may not know that you could be a candidate for student loan forgiveness. Forgiveness is available for those in various professions and fields such as public service or teaching. It’s even available for those who have been paying off loans for 25 years or more. Find out more about forgiveness programs.

Are You Prepping for FAFSA?

January 1 marks the beginning of a new year, and with it, a new FAFSA season. Whether you’re a first time student or returning to school, making sure you are ready to file your FAFSA should be a priority during these coming weeks. To help get you started, here are some tips:

  • First-time filer or transfer students – Make sure you know your federal school code.
  • Dependent students (and your parents) – Apply for your Federal Student Aid PINs.
  • Returning students – If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can request a duplicate at the federal PIN site.

Tips for High School Seniors

Besides filing your FAFSA, take some time this year to become familiar with the entire financial aid process. Don’t just let your parents do everything for you – understand where your school choices will land you financially. By taking control from the start, you won’t be surprised by what you owe 5 years down the road. Learn the basics of financial aid.

New Scholarships!

Here are some new scholarships to checkout over the Thanksgiving holiday!

See more new scholarships

Happy Military Family Month!

President Obama recently named November as Military Family Month. To say thanks to veterans and their families, we’ve written a blog to aid in navigating the financial aid options available to veterans. Read it now.

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