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September Newsletter: Managing your Funds and Time this Semester

25 September 2012 2,138 views No Comment

College Campus in AutumnYour September issue of the Financial Aid News is here to help keep you up-to-date on financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and more — so you can stay focused on your studies. Here’s what’s inside:

Still waiting for your financial aid funds to arrive?

Disbursement Timelines
The disbursement timeline can differ by school and may fluctuate depending on when you finalized your aid. To learn about how the process works and when to expect your funds, visit StudentLoanNetwork.com.

Tip: If you receive leftover financial aid funds on a debit-card, watch out! Here’s why.

Apply Now for Additional Funds
If you’ve already received your funds and find that they aren’t quite enough this semester, there are still options. You can apply for private loans at any point in the school year, and have them disbursed to your school in a matter of weeks!

Meet Haley Vallandingham

September $10,000 Scholarship WinnerMeet Haley Vallandingham, she’s a college sophomore at University of Central Florida and she’s also the winner of the September $10,000 scholarship drawing! Haley has been a member of ScholarshipPoints since 2011 and, thanks to her persistence, her tuition bill is now $10,000 less. Why aren’t you a member of ScholarshipPoints? You too can earn points for completing cool activities and you those points to become the next $10,000 scholarship drawing on December 17. Join ScholarshipPoints Today!

Do you know where your loans are?

Come November, many student loan grace periods come to a close for graduates nationwide. Before you’re caught by surprise, make sure you know where to send the first payment! Visit StudentLoanConsolidator.com and check out our helpful guide on how to locate your student loans. While you’re there, learn about your student loan consolidation options and find out which is right for you.

Scholarships alert

Here are some scholarships with upcoming deadlines!

See more new scholarships.

Are you financially aware?

The Department of Education recently launched a new tool to help students better manage their finances. Check out our recent blog on how Financial Aid Awareness can help you!

Get some credit!

College is a great time to start building your credit and preparing for the “real world”.

Time management tips

How do you manage your time in comparison to other college students? Check out the Time Management infographic for insight on how to spend your time productively and for the top five time management tips.

Your opinion matters

Is there a particular topic or interest you would like the Financial Aid News to cover?

Leave a comment on our suggestions page.

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