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Past Issues of the Financial Aid Newsletter

2014 Back Issues

June Newsletter: Student Loan Repayment | Interest Rate Increase | Scholarships
May Newsletter: Interest Rate Hike | Tuition Budgeting | $10,000 Scholarship
April 2014: 12 Top-Paid CEO Colleges | Award Letters | $10,000 Scholarship
March 2014: Income Tax Tips | FAFSA Procrastination | Scholarships
February 2014: FAFSA Tips | FAFSA Q&A | FAFSA Deadlines
January 2014: Free, Must-Have FAFSA Guide | Ask the Edvisor | FAFSA Deadlines

2013 Back Issues

December 2013: Financial Aid Checklists | Ask the Edvisor | Affordable Care Act Deadlines
November 2013: Scholarship Tips | Ask the Edvisor | FAFSA Prequel
October 2013: Affordable Care Act | CSS PROFILE | Scholarships
September 2013: Textbook Rental Pros and Cons and New Scholarships
August 2013: $10,000 Scholarship and Disbursement Day
July 2013: Student Loan Changes
June 2013: Student Loan Interest Rates Explained
May 2013: Important Tips for Graduates
April 2013: Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters
March 2013: $10,000 Scholarship and Comparing your Financial Aid Options
February 2013: Financial Aid Awareness Month
January 2013: FAFSA Filing Tips and Other Funding Resources

2012 Back Issues

December 2012: Find FAFSA Help and Meet the New $10,000 Scholarship Winner
November 2012: Give Thanks for Scholarships
October 2012: New Ways to Search for Scholarships and Repayment Help
September 2012: Managing your Funds and Time this Semester
August 2012: New Ideas to Help You Pay for School
July 2012: Getting your Funds and Great Student Deals
June 2012: Tuition Costs and Money Management
May 2012: Comparing loan options and upcoming $10,000 scholarship
April 2012: Maximizing your financial aid
March 2012: Navigating financial aid and top scholarship mistakes
February 2012: Filing your FAFSA and what’s next
January 2012: File your FAFSA and meet the $10,000 scholarship winner

2011 Back Issues

December 2011: $10,000 Drawing and Preparing your FAFSA
November 2011: New Financial Aid Resources
October 2011: Useful Resources and Repayment
September 2011: ScholarshipPoints $10,000 drawing & Loan Disbursement
August 2011: School Loan Next Steps
July 2011: $10,000 winner and Federal Loan next steps
June 2011: $10,000 Scholarship drawing and Private Student Loans for fall
May 2011: Private Loan help and summer classes
April 2011: Stafford and Private Loan information, plus our $10,000 ScholarshipPoints winner
March 2011: $10,000 ScholarshipPoints drawing and your Financial Aid roadmap
February 2011: I have filed my FAFSA, now what?
January 2011: A year in review and get ahead early in 2011

2010 Back Issues

January 2010: Special circumstances on the FAFSA
February 2010: Taking control of the FAFSA and next steps
March 2010: Learn more about Stafford Loans
April 2010: The next steps in the Financial Aid process
May 2010: This summer, the heat is on for Federal Loans
June 2010: Exercise your freedom of choice with a Private Loan
July 2010: Getting ready for the 2010-11 school year
August 2010: The 5 Things you Need for Back to School
September 2010: Are Your College Expenses Covered?
October 2010: Don’t Get Spooked By Financial Aid
November 2010: Inside Scoop on the FAFSA, Scholarships and More
December 2010: FAFSA Resources, and How to Get Ahead Over Your Break

2009 Back Issues

January 2009: More scholarship search secrets
February 2009: FAFSA and independent students
March 2009: What to do after the FAFSA
April 2009: How to read your financial aid award letter
May 2009: 5 Tips for Getting Student Loans
June 2009: Federal Funds for College and Online Classes
July 2009: Federal Student Loan and Scholarship Options
August 2009: Rewarding responsible personal finance habits
September 2009: Back to school financial aid
October 2009: Cover all expenses with private student loans
November 2009: Get ahead on your degree – Take a winter class
December 2009: Getting more financial aid

2008 Back Issues

January 2008: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About the FAFSA
February 2008: FAFSA Filing Tips
March 2008: Top 5 Scholarship Hunting Tips
April 2008: How To Read Your Award Letter
May 2008: Paying for College in Uncertain Times
June 2008: Interest rate changes, new eBook
July 2008: Stafford Loan Rate Change
August 2008: Student Loan Availability, PLUS Loans
September 2008: Back to School Offers, Student Loan Approvals
October 2008: Enter our $10,000 Scholarship Drawing
November 2008: Money Saving Tips and Scholarships
December 2008: How To Get Financial Aid In Uncertain Times

2007 Back Issues

January 2007 Back Issue
February 2007 Back Issue
March 2007 Back Issue
April 2007 Back Issue
May 2007 Back Issue
June 2007 Back Issue
July 2007 Back Issue
August 2007 Back Issue
September 2007 Back Issue
October 2007 Back Issue
November 2007 Back Issue
December 2007 Back Issue

2006 Back Issues

January 2006 Back Issue
February 2006 Back Issue
March 2006 Back Issue
April 2006 Back Issue
May 2006 Back Issue
June 2006 Back Issue
July 2006 Back Issue
August 2006 Back Issue
September 2006 Back Issue
October 2006 Back Issue
November 2006 Back Issue
December 2006 Back Issue

2005 Back Issues

January 2005 Back Issue
February 2005 Back Issue
March 2005 Back Issue
April 2005 Back Issue
May 2005 Back Issue
June 2005 Back Issue
July 2005 Back Issue
August 2005 Back Issue
September 2005 Back Issue
October 2005 Back Issue
November 2005 Back Issue
December 2005 Back Issue

2004 Back Issues

January 2004 Back Issue
February 2004 Back Issue
March 2004 Back Issue
April 2004 Back Issue
May 2004 Back Issue
June 2004 Back Issue
July 2004 Back Issue
August 2004 Back Issue
September 2004 Back Issue
October 2004 Back Issue
November 2004 Back Issue
November 2004 Back Issue

2003 issues

October 2003 Back Issue
November 2003 Back Issue
December 2003 Back Issue

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