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Sallie Mae Customer Service – a Podcast Listener Chat

2 May 2007 1 views 3 Comments

I had an hour long chat with a podcast listener today and got to essentially “listen” as they talked with their loan holder, Sallie Mae. I’ll publicly put out this plea: if you ever experience customer service like this from the Student Loan Network, please call me personally at (206) 350-1208. I never want us to be even remotely this bad.

Warning: this chat contains profanity and is inappropriate for anyone who wouldn’t be let into an R-Rated movie. More after the break.

Podcast Listener: Can we chat loans?
Financial Aid Podcast: we can!
Podcast Listener: I remember a while back you looked up my loan portfolio and said “wow that’s a mess!” Well guess what/ It’s even messier now!
Financial Aid Podcast: :)
Podcast Listener: The loan guy at school was helping me but he hasn’t responded to my emails in a while
Podcast Listener: so I thought I’d come chat with you.
Podcast Listener: It appears I have a few problems. They are as follows.
Podcast Listener: 1. My graduation date on Sallie Mae was wrong. They thought I was graduating in May of 2008, so my repayment dates were messed up. Tom boucher (at Emerson) said he notified them of this mistake and it should be changed by now.
Podcast Listener: 2. He noticed it appears that I only consolidated one of my stafford loans. Why? Who the hell knows. Last summer what I thought I did was consolidated my stafford loans (all of them) up until the ’06-07 school year. So that’d be for the first 3 years of college. I did this through sallie mae. And it appears this did not go through.
Financial Aid Podcast: ok
Podcast Listener: so now I’m inrepayment VERY soon and only 1 of my loans was consolidated (which doesn’t even make sense) … so I don’t know what’s going on.
Podcast Listener: All I did was ask Tom if he could explain to me my repayment. I’m on a graduated repayment plan. Starting at $150/month (ish) but I don’t know when this amount goes up.
Financial Aid Podcast: okay. so, federal – you’re going to want to consolidate fairly quickly. because you have unconsolidated loans, you can choose anyone. I’d strongly recommend anyone – even our competitors – besides Sallie Mae.
Podcast Listener: Can I consolidate again? I mean, it appears I did it once before but it didn’t do wht I wanted to do.
Financial Aid Podcast: you can, as long as you have staffords that were not included.
Podcast Listener: b/c I’m in repayment NOW but my loans aren’t any easier to handle.
Podcast Listener: yes I do.
Financial Aid Podcast: in terms of breakouts, do you have just federal, or private, too?
Podcast Listener: I have federal, perkins (with 2 different servicers- oh joy) and private.
Financial Aid Podcast: OK
Financial Aid Podcast: perkins is federal too.
Podcast Listener: yeah but I don’t pay sallie mae
Financial Aid Podcast: right, you pay the school, but you can include perkins in a consolidation
Podcast Listener: that’d be great.
Podcast Listener: I have 4,800 in perkins
Podcast Listener: I’d be paying UAS quarterly and ECSI monthly beginning March right now
Financial Aid Podcast: in terms of private, there is private consolidation available, if the private payments are not manageable.
Financial Aid Podcast: whatever you do, do NOT consolidate federal and private student loans together – the result is a private loan consolidation that eliminates virtually all of your federal privileges (deferment, forbearance, etc.)
Podcast Listener: okay
Podcast Listener: Can you accurately predict my payments if I went through you?
Podcast Listener: Like if I gave you the info right now?
Financial Aid Podcast: yes ma’am.
Podcast Listener: I’m only concerned my monthly payments will go UP if I consolidated my perkins in with the rest (because there is more debt)
Podcast Listener: well then I’d like a quote so to speak. WHere do we begin?
Financial Aid Podcast: well, yes, but you’d be making the perkins payments separately.
Podcast Listener: i would?
Podcast Listener: See that’s what I don’t understand.
Financial Aid Podcast: okay – if you didn’t consolidate your perkins in with your staffords, you’d pay separately for them.
Podcast Listener: right.
Financial Aid Podcast: but you can bundle them all together.
Podcast Listener: i understand.
Financial Aid Podcast: and the net payment will be lower as a bundle.
Podcast Listener: excellent.
Financial Aid Podcast: re: staffords – how many were disbursed prior to 7/1/06?
Podcast Listener: And will I be making out 1 check per month for all the federal loans? or 3?
Financial Aid Podcast: 1 check for all federal.
Podcast Listener: all right thanks.
Podcast Listener: Do they count as 2 separate ones per year if they are disbursed by semester?
Financial Aid Podcast: nope. the only difference is that any Stafford after 7/1/06 is fixed rate at 6.8%
Podcast Listener: okay
Financial Aid Podcast: prior to 7/1/06, they’re variable rate
Financial Aid Podcast: you can thank Congress for that one.
Podcast Listener: well right now I’ve got the standard 19,125 all together. Let me figure out what I had for this academic year.
Podcast Listener: all together for stafford that is. I’m a big indebted mess.
Financial Aid Podcast: sadly, so is the rest of the country.
Podcast Listener: btw I have an idea for a show for you
Financial Aid Podcast: cool!
Podcast Listener: one on patenting ideas and the process that goes along with it
Podcast Listener: B/c students could be making tons of money
Podcast Listener: and paying off their loans while in school
Podcast Listener: I always have these great ideas but don’t know the rules or how to do it.
Financial Aid Podcast: :)
Podcast Listener: fuck sallie mae still thinks I’m graduating in ’08. Fucking tom.
Financial Aid Podcast: I have lots of great ideas and woefully insufficient free time.
Podcast Listener: anyway,
Financial Aid Podcast: yes, anyway :) what’re the Stafford breakouts? 5500 for this year, 14125 for previous?

Financial Aid Podcast: sweet
Podcast Listener: that doesn’t help at all
Financial Aid Podcast: sure it does – it’s stafford and private
Podcast Listener: is that all of it?
Podcast Listener: there’s more underneath but it’s a different category
Financial Aid Podcast: other than the perkins, I think that’s it
Podcast Listener: it says “breakdown by loan program type” underneath and more loans. I think they’re the same.
Financial Aid Podcast: they are
Podcast Listener: That’s easier to look at

Financial Aid Podcast: ok
Podcast Listener: seems like there’s 2,000 missing there
Podcast Listener: Dude I’m so confused.
Financial Aid Podcast: don’t worry about it. Okay, federal, with perkins:
Financial Aid Podcast: 6.125%, 20 year term.
Podcast Listener: but if you go off of that federal, that’s wrong, isn’t it?
Financial Aid Podcast: $159/month.
Financial Aid Podcast: no, those rates are accurate.
Podcast Listener: but I have 19,125 not 17125
Podcast Listener: i have to.
Podcast Listener: i always accept my perkins
Financial Aid Podcast: you said you had 4800 in Perkins, yes? That won’t be on there.
Podcast Listener: that’s not counting perkins
Podcast Listener: i should have 19125 in stafford and 4800 perkins
Podcast Listener: brb I’m going to look for my loan summary
Financial Aid Podcast: ok
Podcast Listener: ah crap I can’t find it. I just moved so everything is all over the place.
Financial Aid Podcast: gotcha. according to that summary, 17,125 is the sum total – and that’s pretty typical for Stafford undergrad.
Financial Aid Podcast: that would put you at $159/month instead of $244/month.
Podcast Listener: it’s so stranget hat just that 1 loan consolidated itself.
Financial Aid Podcast: that is very strange, especially since most consolidation companies won’t do less than $10K.
Podcast Listener: all right well then I must be mistaken.
Podcast Listener: so 159/month
Podcast Listener: for 20 years
Financial Aid Podcast: correct, assuming you make the $159 payment only. If, in a few years, you are making decent $$$, you can pay more and reduce the time.
Podcast Listener: okay.
Podcast Listener: So why are my payments right now $147 and including my private loans?
Podcast Listener: doesn’t seem like a deal.
Financial Aid Podcast: that’s a good question – not sure how Sallie Mae is doing it.
Financial Aid Podcast: is that for federal and private combined?
Podcast Listener: I can’t tell.
Podcast Listener: b/c it says I’m graduating in ’08 everythign says it’s deferred
Financial Aid Podcast: it’s probably worth braving a call to customer service to find out. it may be interest only payments on the private loans.
Podcast Listener: for june ’08?
Podcast Listener: seems odd
Podcast Listener: Let me give them a call
Financial Aid Podcast: good plan. if it turns out that they really are a better deal, obviously stick with it.
Podcast Listener: okay I’ll let you know in a bit
Financial Aid Podcast: ok – going to run downstairs for lunch. be back soon.
Podcast Listener: still there?
Financial Aid Podcast: back
Podcast Listener: do you guys do private loan consolidation?
Financial Aid Podcast: we do, yes.
Podcast Listener: what’s your interest rate?
Financial Aid Podcast: that’s unfortunately credit dependent.
Podcast Listener: ah okay.
Podcast Listener: I have an idea and I want to run it by you
Financial Aid Podcast: ok
Podcast Listener: btw the people at sallie mae offer awful customer service
Podcast Listener: so I’m totally going with you guys
Financial Aid Podcast: lol
Podcast Listener: the lady said to me “I can’t predict your repayments because it’s too soon”
Podcast Listener: and so I said “well it’s too soon to tell me how much I owe for June 19, 2007″ but it’s nOT to tell me for June 19 2008?”
Podcast Listener: and she was like “hold on”
Financial Aid Podcast: hey, at least she didn’t swear at you, right? :)
Podcast Listener: so I figured out something I didn’t know; I only go into repayment on that one loan I got consolidated.
Podcast Listener: thank GOD she didn’t.
Podcast Listener: Why do you guys offer profanities?
Podcast Listener: i’ll take a lower interest rate if you need to get a few f-words off your chest every now and then.
Financial Aid Podcast: no, but Senator Kennedy reported to the Washington Post that among other things, Sallie Mae allegedly swears at customers.
Podcast Listener: hahah interesting.
Podcast Listener: no she was just stupid.
Podcast Listener: wait so here’s my idea
Podcast Listener: except I have 1 thing missing from my info but I’m afraid to call back.
Podcast Listener: so starting June 19, I’ll owe $50.94 per month for 6 months.
Podcast Listener: Then after that 6 months I’ll owe $428/month (that’s my staffords and private loans together)
Podcast Listener: what I don’t know is how much of that is stafford and how much is private
Podcast Listener: and that’s just a guess b/c of the variable interest rate.
Financial Aid Podcast: well, 244 of that is federal
Financial Aid Podcast: wait
Podcast Listener: how do you know?
Financial Aid Podcast: that doesn’t include perkins
Financial Aid Podcast: hang on
Podcast Listener: no it doesn’t
Financial Aid Podcast: 193 is stafford.
Podcast Listener: and don’t all my staffords have different interest rates? so how can you add all that sof ast?
Financial Aid Podcast: the rest is private
Financial Aid Podcast: you can break out and compute the staffords because when you consolidate, it becomes fixed rate
Financial Aid Podcast: and you can compute based on that
Podcast Listener: but i didn’t consolidate those through sallie mae
Podcast Listener: so each of those stafford loans has a different interest rate
Financial Aid Podcast: each has a different, but when you weighted average them together, 193 is the resulting payment.
Podcast Listener: you promise?
Podcast Listener: I just don’t want it to be hugely off
Financial Aid Podcast: let me double check
Podcast Listener: ok
Financial Aid Podcast: 17125 – that’s the stafford balance
Podcast Listener: yes
Financial Aid Podcast: 6.125% is the weighted average interest rate
Financial Aid Podcast: hmm.
Podcast Listener: what do you mean weighted average?
Financial Aid Podcast: weighted average = rate of each individual loan * loan balance in proportion to other loans
Podcast Listener: okay
Podcast Listener: anyway I was wondering if i could just wait like 4-5 months and then consolidate
Financial Aid Podcast: or we can just run each one separately
Podcast Listener: aren’t I not supposed to get a grace period on my private loans?
Financial Aid Podcast: it depends on the loan terms.
Podcast Listener: seems like I have one.
Financial Aid Podcast: the 193 is correct, btw
Podcast Listener: okay thanks!
Podcast Listener: i’m so worried that that lady lied to me
Financial Aid Podcast: yeah, I hear you!
Podcast Listener: because what I want to do is wait a few months so I have lower payments
Podcast Listener: just for now b/c I don’t even have a job yet
Financial Aid Podcast: right – you have up to 6 months after graduation
Podcast Listener: how can I find out if my private loans get 6 months or not?
Financial Aid Podcast: given that consolidation takes 60 – 90 days, you’ll want to apply somewhere around the 4 month mark
Financial Aid Podcast: check the terms on the promissory note you signed.
Podcast Listener: okay
Podcast Listener: i’ve got to find it all. Stupid moving boxes.
Financial Aid Podcast: this from NASFAA (Nat’l Assoc. of Student Fin Aid Administrators):
Financial Aid Podcast: Kennedy’s aides said they believed Sallie Mae may have tried to collect debts that were not owed, fired employees who attempted to help borrowers and intentionally sent loan bills to incorrect addresses to get borrowers to default, according to the Washington Post. In addition, Kennedy accused the lender of possibly threatening jail time for borrowers that did not pay, and possibly using abusive language and harassing borrowers’ families and friends.
Podcast Listener: yeah I’m not sticking with them very long.
Podcast Listener: I just wihs I understood this better
Podcast Listener: I am so confused.

Financial Aid Podcast: and you worked in a fin aid office. imagine all the graduates who didn’t!
Podcast Listener: i know
Podcast Listener: okay so if I brought all my federal loans to you, I can still bring the consolidated sallie mae loan for 2625?
Financial Aid Podcast: correct
Podcast Listener: got it. I’m going to ask a bunch of dumb questions so that I make sure I understand.
Financial Aid Podcast: no, ask away.
Financial Aid Podcast: the only dumb questions (besides what color is the sky) are ones you don’t ask
Podcast Listener: yeah
Podcast Listener: Maybe I should call back and speak to someone else. They’re a large place, right?
Podcast Listener: what are the chances I’ll get the same person?
Financial Aid Podcast: they certainly are. the chances are pretty slim.
Podcast Listener: okay i’m going to call them again.
Podcast Listener: and ask about my private loan
Podcast Listener: and hopefully get someone who doesn’t mumble
Podcast Listener: and whose computer doesn’t break
Podcast Listener: so she “hand does” the math
Financial Aid Podcast: lol
Podcast Listener: thanks a f-ing lot
Podcast Listener: not you her
Podcast Listener: okay brb
Financial Aid Podcast: :)
Financial Aid Podcast: k
Podcast Listener: i’m going round in circles
Podcast Listener: ahhh
Financial Aid Podcast: customer service fun?
Podcast Listener: this is awful!
Podcast Listener: He’s telling me it’s my school’s fault
Podcast Listener: and i’m like ” I WANT TO PAY YOU NOW LET ME PAY YOU”
Podcast Listener: god
Podcast Listener: i’m on hold. He has to talk with someone who handles that.
Podcast Listener: this is f-ing ridiculous.
Financial Aid Podcast: wait, so he’s telling you that you can’t go into repayment?
Podcast Listener: yes
Podcast Listener: fucking moron
Podcast Listener: everything I say to him he thinks is a question
Podcast Listener: and I keep saying “no, it’s a statement. This is what you told me. But when I call the automated voice says I owe $96 stariting December ’07″
Podcast Listener: and now he’s just confused.
Financial Aid Podcast: wow. okay, your school *is* responsible for updating the Department of Education database – NSLDS – to show your anticipated completion date as May 2007.
Podcast Listener: yeah Tom said he fixed it a week and a half ago
Financial Aid Podcast: ah
Financial Aid Podcast: NSLDS can take up to 90 days to update.
Podcast Listener: so do I just not pay?
Podcast Listener: My biggest concern with not fixing this is that sallie mae will make me start making retroactive payments
Financial Aid Podcast: that’s a big concern – if you don’t pay, and Sallie thinks you should be paying, then you get socked with late fees and bad credit issues.
Podcast Listener: right. So here I am trying to fix it.
Financial Aid Podcast: they’re currently showing a wrong ACD; I’m not sure how that would get fixed, beyond someone at your school sending them a fax showing the correct ACD.
Financial Aid Podcast: so that if you have to dispute down the road, you have a paper trail.
Financial Aid Podcast: in fact, I might suggest at this point that you start communicating by fax/paper to establish a trail.
Financial Aid Podcast: the other complication is that as of two weeks ago, NSLDS was shut down for lenders.
Financial Aid Podcast: So Sallie is probably going off cached data – even if your school updates, Sallie won’t be able to see the updates.
Financial Aid Podcast: meaning they’ll keep the anticipated completion date of May 08 until lender access to NSLDS is restored.
Financial Aid Podcast: definitely have your school fax them as much paper as you can scrape up.
Financial Aid Podcast: keeping yourself protected in a case like this can be summed up in two words: paper. trail.
Podcast Listener: i just went off on him
Podcast Listener: i’m so mad
Financial Aid Podcast: eh, it’s probably not his fault, to be fair. most student loan companies don’t train their customer service teams as well as we do.
Podcast Listener: i just asked him why I’d be paying a company over $50,000 and he can’t use a f-ing calculator
Podcast Listener: i just don’t have one in front of me
Financial Aid Podcast: just this morning I was reviewing amortization tables with a couple of our reps.
Podcast Listener: and I asked him a math question and he said “I can’t tell you that”
Financial Aid Podcast: like, I can’t tell you that it’s classified, or I can’t tell you that because I don’t own a calculator?
Podcast Listener: i’ve since pulled out my calculator
Podcast Listener: no now he’s doing it
Financial Aid Podcast: hey, as long as I strip out any personally identifying info, can I post this conversation to my blog?
Podcast Listener: absolutely!
Financial Aid Podcast: thanks!
Podcast Listener: i wish I recorded this
Podcast Listener: if not for a laugh for the fact taht i might be able to decode his thick accent
Financial Aid Podcast: I wonder if they’re outsourced.
Financial Aid Podcast: make sure you keep a call log – date, time, and name of who you spoke to
Podcast Listener: yep i am
Podcast Listener: i may end up being one of those jerks who consolidates right before july
Podcast Listener: i just know I need to keep my expenses low for the next 2 months.
Financial Aid Podcast: well, to be perfectly honest with you, it’s not clear rates are going to go up in July. We won’t know for sure one way or another until May 29.
Podcast Listener: now he’s saying $77.55/month for federal loans
Podcast Listener: that’s not right
Podcast Listener: i thought we figured it out that it was 193
Financial Aid Podcast: It is, on a loan volume of $17,125.
Podcast Listener: yeah
Podcast Listener: okay i’m ready to hang up
Podcast Listener: he’s doing private now
Podcast Listener: that should be 235
Podcast Listener: we’ll see what he comes up with.
Financial Aid Podcast: I won’t be taking any beer bets as to whether it’s different than the last estimate you got :)
Podcast Listener: i just hugn up
Podcast Listener: i don’t care anymore
Financial Aid Podcast: yeah. well, I’ll suggest this – we can send an application out to you, and then based on what happens at the end of the month, that will dictate whether or not you should consolidate before July 1.
Podcast Listener: he told me they def. will go up
Financial Aid Podcast: oh really?
Podcast Listener: yeah
Podcast Listener: but that he an’t tell me b/c it depends on the department of treasury
Podcast Listener: but that my interest rates will definitely raise
Financial Aid Podcast: your rates will definitely rise after your grace period ends for the Staffords taken out prior to 7/1/06
Podcast Listener: right
Financial Aid Podcast: that’s just how those work. but the rate itself will be determined at the end of the month, to take effect 7/1/07
Podcast Listener: i do know that my private loans are in grace.
Podcast Listener: so that is good.
Financial Aid Podcast: indeed!
Financial Aid Podcast: in terms of the federal, here’s where we watch the rates:
Financial Aid Podcast: http://www.treasurydirect.gov/RI/OFBills
Financial Aid Podcast: the 91 day is the key metric. For those pre-7/1/06 loans, what happens on 5/28 will determine the rate.
Podcast Listener: priate loan interest rates can vary as much as each month right?
Financial Aid Podcast: the trend lately has been downward – good for you.
Financial Aid Podcast: and yes, private loan rates can vary as often as monthly.
Podcast Listener: got it
Financial Aid Podcast: depending on what they’re indexed to, they can go crazy.
Podcast Listener: i think I’m turning into “that person” lately. But I would rather ask a billion questions then owe a lot and not know why.
Podcast Listener: i plan to consolidate those as well.
Podcast Listener: I have a question about credit now
Financial Aid Podcast: yes ma’am
Podcast Listener: how often can your score change?
Financial Aid Podcast: every month.
Podcast Listener: okay
Podcast Listener: so if I’m making more payments on time (i’ll be paying back loans)
Financial Aid Podcast: really, it changes every time a lender posts a payment record to the bureaus
Podcast Listener: then it can only help my private loan consolidation application
Financial Aid Podcast: correct.
Podcast Listener: Just wondering if that’s another reason to wait. and it is.
Podcast Listener: my credit’s not bad, but it’s just average. I don’t have a lot on there
Financial Aid Podcast: we also recommend doing the federal consolidation and completing it first.
Podcast Listener: okay.
Financial Aid Podcast: when you do the federal consolidation, you show that all your federal loans are paid off.
Financial Aid Podcast: and you have a new federal consolidation loan.
Financial Aid Podcast: payoffs == good.
Podcast Listener: okay now I’m kind of thinking out loud. Let’s figure out how much I will owe per month on my private loans right now if the interest rate stayed the same.
Podcast Listener: FUCK
Podcast Listener: now it says i owe $147 on 5/19
Podcast Listener: WHAT THE HELL
Financial Aid Podcast: ???
Podcast Listener: i don’t know!!
Podcast Listener: oh wait

Financial Aid Podcast: oh wow
Financial Aid Podcast: so they’re setting a monthly payment of 147
Financial Aid Podcast: and having you pay only 50.94
Financial Aid Podcast: meaning that the unpaid portion of the payment accrues and gets capitalized
Podcast Listener: why are they doing this?
Financial Aid Podcast: capitalized == added to the loan balance
Financial Aid Podcast: what does the detailed payment schedule say?
Financial Aid Podcast: can I see the loan program type section?
Podcast Listener: sure

Financial Aid Podcast: no wonder people mess up their loan payments. this is really poorly laid out.
Podcast Listener: i think i’ll call again
Podcast Listener: this is just becoming self inflicted torture
Financial Aid Podcast: ok
Financial Aid Podcast: 1-08 is the consolidation
Podcast Listener: people should’n’t cut themselves when depressed. just call sallie mae
Podcast Listener: okay i see that
Podcast Listener: good to know I guess
Financial Aid Podcast: so the payment that is due is the consolidation payment
Podcast Listener: right
Financial Aid Podcast: and the 147 is all the FFEL loans together
Podcast Listener: FFEL loans = stafford loans?
Financial Aid Podcast: si
Podcast Listener: okay
Financial Aid Podcast: but because they’re not in repayment, no money is due for them
Podcast Listener: but why isn’t that 147 amount actually 193?
Financial Aid Podcast: hang on – let me re-run that (again)
Podcast Listener: k
Financial Aid Podcast: I’m confused. it says Total Amount to be Repaid $14,570.64
Podcast Listener: i know.
Podcast Listener: I’m confused too.
Financial Aid Podcast: loan 1-10 is missing
Financial Aid Podcast: for $5,500
Financial Aid Podcast: from the repayment schedule
Podcast Listener: AH
Podcast Listener: any idea why?
Financial Aid Podcast: I actually come up with $130/month without loan 1-10
Financial Aid Podcast: not sure why, except that maybe because it’s the loan that is for the current academic year, it hasn’t been added to the schedule yet?
Podcast Listener: h/o
Financial Aid Podcast: k
Podcast Listener: that could be.
Podcast Listener: I’m talking to jerry right now.
Podcast Listener: Now my payment is due this month, not june
Podcast Listener: I think they just hate me now
Financial Aid Podcast: according to the summary screen, it’s due 5/19
Podcast Listener: yeah. it is.
Podcast Listener: The lady said june 19
Podcast Listener: so did the first guy
Podcast Listener: and now it says 5/19.
Podcast Listener: so 5/19 it is.
Podcast Listener: Also, this guy does not know his left from his right literally
Financial Aid Podcast: the ability to read a calendar is overrated :)
Financial Aid Podcast: wb
Podcast Listener: Chris, my internet died so I’m stealing the neighbors. I think I will wait a month or two before consolidating. At that time I would like to consolidate all of the federal loans together and then later on fill out an app for all of the private loans.
Financial Aid Podcast: sounds good.
Podcast Listener: Thank you so much for your help- I may be kicked off at any time so I’m outta here. I hope you received my comments about my latest customer service agent not knowing his left from his right.
Financial Aid Podcast: let’s have one of our team send you out the paperwork so that it doesn’t get lost :)
Financial Aid Podcast: and yes, I did see that comment.
Podcast Listener: thanks can I give you my address?
Financial Aid Podcast: sure – email me your name, address, phone, and email
Podcast Listener: got it
Podcast Listener: see ya
Financial Aid Podcast: and I’ll have the papers sent
Financial Aid Podcast: see ya!
Podcast Listener: thanks again

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3 Responses to “Sallie Mae Customer Service – a Podcast Listener Chat”

  1. Kevin Kennedy-Spaien says on May 2, 2007 at 3:12 pm:

    Alert Ben Popken of Consumerist.com; He’ll eat this up!

  2. Whitney says on May 2, 2007 at 3:39 pm:

    And in the – count ‘em- over TWENTY years since I worked at Citibank Student Loans as a college student over the summer, they still can’t get the grad dates and deferments right. 20 years- advances in technology, and it’s still insane.
    Not to mention the fact that interest rates are no longer fixed, so students are going to get screwed big time. Tine to sock more money away in the college fund for my kiddos.

  3. albert lord says on March 10, 2010 at 4:40 am:

    Emerson College. Did you call Daniel Pinch – dean of enrollment? Oh yeah, he lost his job for taking $38k from lenders for “consulting”. Emerson was found to make it difficult for student borrowers to take out private loans from lenders not featured on their preferred lender list, settled with the attorneys general bringing the case, and agreed to pay a total of $780,000 to students who had been forced into student loans with less favorable rates.

    That’s the nature of the student loan industry.

    Eliminate the FFELP.

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