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Here’s what people have to say about the Financial Aid Podcast!

  • Your podcast and blog are incredibly useful to me and my students. I give extra credit to students who use either. – Professor Dyana Valentine, Santa Monica College
  • Although I am a senior this year, I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor thus far with over $5,000 (and counting) of scholarship money. I definitely plan to keep using your guide on throughout college and I plan to pass it on to other students also. Which I would like to talk about… – Nolan, Hillsborough, Oregon
  • I just downloaded every freak n’ episode available through iTunes and will be feverishly listening over the weekend.  I have made it through two and WOW, great stuff.  So, right off the bat I want to give you a huge complement on your work. – Tobin Pilotte, San Antonio, Texas
  • Chris does a great job providing financial information and financial aid advice, along with music and news you can use. I always recommend Chris’ Financial Aid Podcast to any college student I run across, and even high school kids. – Whitney Hoffman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • If someone asks you what a podcast is, send them here. Chris is so well spoken, I think he could podcast on paint drying techniques and make it sound interesting. Not to mention he is supplying an invaluable service to all you highschoolers and parents of highschoolers who are wondering where they will come up with the tens of thousands of dollars to give in order to stay out of the real workforce for another four years! – Maddies Daddy
  • Who knew financial aid could be fun? I’m not the first to say that, but Chris Penn indeed offers a fast-paced, info-filled daily jolt of news and insight into a topic that’s otherwise foreboding for most parents and students. Plus, you can stay current with some really well-selected tunes! – Jill Bernaciak, College Coach, Ohio
  • Chris is truly pro-active in his approach to his podcast. He sees an opportunity to get good material and he grabs it. His questions are insightful and he knows how to keep someone talking long enough for him to get GREAT information. You can’t go wrong listening to this podcast. From start to finish, it’s worth every moment. – Kelle Sparta, Massachusetts
  • The Financial Aid Podcast is a perfect vehicle for moving value to a consumer while driving interest in a product. Christopher S. Penn produces a show of consistent quality, of great production value, and with a lot of enthusiasm for what should be a fairly boring topic. Chris’s target vertical is clearly perfect for the podcast he’s created. His marketing methods ensure success. – Chris Brogan, Beverly, Massachusetts
  • I appreciate what you are doing. I have worked in the Financial Aid profession for nearly 10 years and this would be very beneficial to our students as well as many others! Thank you for what you are doing. Keep up the great work!!- Many blessings, Karen
  • thanx for the add. i used to work as a financial aid officer until this summer. i think this is a great outreach tool! – Skelly
  • Well Hells Bells darlin’, I NEVER thought I’d see your type of Financial Aid Services on MySpace! I’ve been a financial aid officer for 7 years now, and this is a good source for me to recomend to students! Thanks!- Mami
  • I think it’s great that students have an advocate like you in their corner.- Barry
  • Hey, this is some good stuff :D. I actually did the fasfa a while back, and those instructions on the podcast for the fasfa followed it really nicely :). Coolness,- Cartridge
  • I’ve been browsing through some of the podcast episodes and I think it’s great. It’s such a wealth of information and the clientele I work with could really use the information you’re broadcasting. I’ve got you bookmarked. I also have a page on facebook for Rutgers students — I posted the URL for your podcast on there. Keep up the good work!- Paul
  • Thanks for the info, my students are going to love you – Sami Kash
  • “Hope our students can benefit from your programs. Thank You.” – G. Duarte, Santa Barbara City College
  • “Now THIS is one hell of a useful service you’re providing!!!! Rock on!!!” – Cotton Rock Radio
  • “As a father of a 12 year old boy, whom I intend to send to college… this podcast, the Financial Aid Podcast, has me set on the right path to being able to afford the ever increasing sum of money that will be needed to pay for my son’s college. Chris really knows his stuff and to download this show to your MP3 player is like having an expert financial advisor in your pocket! Great content from a great host!” – Stephen J. Walker, Phedippidations
  • “If you’re not just writing one monster check to pay off your college education you should check this out. All kinds of worthwhile financial advice, even beyond financial aid.” – John Wall, the M Show
  • “Cool podcast. That’s great that you provide such a wonderful service. Andrea works for the college board in the AP dept. helping to educate teachers to teach AP so students are better prepared for college. More students need to get their butts through school, as the job market is so tough these days without a degree. Thanks for the add and keep up the good work my friend.” – Makar
  • “Wish I had listened to your show before I took out too many student loans. I’ve become an indentured slave to ACS!” – Stefanie Seskin
  • “The Financial Aid Podcast ROCKS sticks and stones and will literally break your bones! Christopher = inimitable! Thanks for the add!” – Ginnicide
  • “The Financial Aid Podcast is a perfect vehicle for moving value to a consumer while driving interest in a product. Christopher S. Penn produces a show of consistent quality, of great production value, and with a lot of enthusiasm for what should be a fairly boring topic. Chris’s target vertical is clearly perfect for the podcast he’s created. His marketing methods ensure success.?? – Chris Brogan
  • “Your work fills a great necessity. I wish you the best! I’d be honored to advertise you on my page.” – Brontis
  • “Great show, professionally produced!” – Bruce Murray, Producer of the Zedcast
  • “Nice to know there is a podcast about helphin people out with school very useful. Have to check it out.” – Shockingly Tasty via MySpace
  • “Christopher Penn, I love you! That was fantastic!” – Adam Curry, Podshow CEO
  • “When I ran a Google Search on the following search terms “graduate school financial aid options” two weeks ago, your podcast was the second link returned! I listened to your #185 show from February 15th and I’ve been hooked for the last two weeks. I’m impressed with the resources and thought your company has put into the podcast. The links on the Web site alone are a terrific resource! The detailed show notes have been great—I can browse your back catalog for topics of interest—and I’m surprised how much actually interests me!I came to your podcast looking for grad school loan resources, but you’ve got broader-scale economic and policy information that really matters. It’s not just the current consolidation rates, but which direction the market is trending, and why it’s trending that way. (With an amusing dose of government conspiracy theory thrown in.) I’ve learned more about Bush’s education policies from your podcasts than CNN has told me in the last year.” – Lucy Robertson, Arlington, VA
  • “I found out about your podcast by looking through the financial section of the available podcasts on iTunes.I enjoy quite a few things about your podcast like your Apple evangelism, your podsafe music selections, the weather reports from Massachusetts (Im originally from NH, but now live in Orlando), and your explanations of the interactions of the various interest rates and how they are decided, but most of all I really appreciate how you have saved me several thousand dollars by walking me through how I can consolidate my loans. I was under the mistaken impression because all my loans are with the same lender, that I was unable to consolidate. You corrected me and now I have begun the process to complete what you describe as the “Super Two-Step Consolidation”. As soon as I have the appropriate paperwork from the Department of Education, I will be transferring my loans to the Student Loan Network.” – Leighsah Jones, Orlando, FL
  • “I saw it first listed on one of the directories, but really dove in after mentions on the Daily Source Code. What I like most about it: I really like the budget stuff and the job stuff. Also… all the FinAid stuff is great as I look ahead to when my kids head to college. Information EVERY parent should know!” – Ed Roberts
  • “I like it because I am a highschool senior looking for as many scholarships as possible, and trying to find out all the information I can to try and pay off my upcoming college tuition and room and board.” – Alexander Kissell
  • “I found out about the Financial Aid Podcast from listening to the Daily Source Code and subscribed after I got a mySpace Friend Request. I like the advice that it offers about getting a job and how to deal with my student loans.”- Tristan Pipo
  • “The think I like best about it is how simple the information is laid out. On most financial aid websites things tend to get confusing but on this one everything is easy to understand and it uses a unique way of getting the information through.” – Ashton Morris
  • “I think it is a unique subject matter whose time has come. Most people dont know much about student loans, or other forms of financial aid. Especially those of us who are “college aged” (19-early 20s). So, it’s a good public service.” – Anthony Occro
  • “Great information and keep up the great work.” – Dan Lacher
  • ya wanna no what i think i think this is bad….. badass that is lol thanks for givin us actually useful info on myspace im sure we all appreciate it i know i do. – MySpace comment
  • This looks to me like a very very useful site and a great source of information. I am going to also recommend it to my daughter who is at present a college student. – MySpace comment
  • I like the service you provide via podcast and have added you to my site in two places. There are a couple of other people I would like to show your site too. Thanks for caring enough to have a show of this nature. – MySpace comment
  • Thanks for all of the great relevant advice about financial aid and some great independent music to boot! – MySpace comment
  • Thanks for inviting me to your myspace. I already listened to your podcast for today and it was good. It made me realize, well I’m going back to school in the fall (I took a year off of college for the Air Force/Air National Guard, training and stuff) and I need to renew my FAFSA, so i’m gonna start reading up on it tonite after work. thanks a lot, lata. – MySpace comment
  • Thanks for putting up this info….looking forward to reading more of your posts during the year. – MySpace comment
  • I gave it a listen and its pretty good. keep up the good work – MySpace comment

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